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SOE Community Leaders

by on Apr.16, 2011, under Hints & Tips

If you want to get in touch with any of the SOE Community Leaders, here’s a list including forum name, class and highlighting members of two top guilds that are over-represented in the programme.

THe below section is now obsolete, as the Community Leaders have been replaced by a Community Round Table (new name, but same old..): see Community Round Table Members List for members.

Active posting (followed up a thread in the SOE Veterans forum):

*Chanaluss_of_Kunzar – SK
*crystilla – cleric
Hulkling – paladin (mostly retired)
*Jyve – bard
minimind – berserker (inactive)
*Nolrog – tradeskills/ranger/druid
*Tadenea – ranger
*Tnexus_Prexus – ranger
*Tulisin_Dragonflame – mage

Others (mainly dragged up from the CL apps thread):

*–CinexaDH– – wizard
*Naladini – mage
Nanyea – enchanter (not playing) – TR
*OrmusTR – druid – TR
Rahzeael_ – mage – Triality (not playing, gone AWOL to EQ2)
Rasper_Helpdesk – rogue/mage (quit?)
Samanna – shaman (retired)
*Saroc_Luclin – cleric
Tharkis – shaman – TR
Unmei – enchanter (retired)
*Waring_McMarrin – shaman – TR
*–Xislaben– – necro (not playing? – but posts) – CT

* means that they are members of the Community Round Table – as also is Tharkis.

Turns out that some of the original list have been removed from the programme; as there is no official list of the CLs, and the only way to find out if someone is a member is to track their posts on the SOE forums, this is laborious work. Thanks to Zatozia for pointing out that some people have been removed – I would never have found out otherwise.

Ex-CLs. There were in the CL programme at some time, but have been removed; some have active accounts, but it is impossible to tell if they are playing or not (thanks to Station Access accounts).

Andorra_Bell – mage (not playing)
Brael – SK (not playing)
Chanus – cleric (not playing)
Rawlden – mage (retired)
Crovack – wizard – Triality (not playing)
Coii – druid (not playing)
Mindrix-Triality – mage – Triality
–Sincro– – rogue (not playing)
-Wycca – monk (not playing/semi-retired) – Triality

Class totals:

Bard – 1
Beastlord – 0
Berserker – 1
Cleric – 2
Druid – 1
Enchanter – 0
Mage – 2
Monk – 0
Necromancer – 0
Paladin – 1
Ranger – 3
Rogue – 0
Shaman – 2
Shadow Knight – 1
Warrior – 0
Wizard – 1

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