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Frontier Mountains Cycle

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Same as for the Trakanon’s Teeth cycle – see this link.

There are two cycles
1] Goblins in SE – Giants in SW – Burynai in NW
2] Brutes in SE – misc. in SW – Sarnaks in NW

Cycle One:
Goblins in SE
a goblin headhunter – Goblin Head Spear
a goblin trailblazer – Goblin Trailblazer’s Knife
a goblin dustscryer – Dustscryer’s Cyrstall Ball
a goblin Iksar slayer
a goblin prospector
a goblin herb collector – Goblin Juntah Harvester
a goblin chieftan – Chieftan’s Headdress
a wandering stone healer – Goblin Soul Caller
Blugtigin – medicine totem
common placeholder “a goblin raider” (has to have “a”)

Giants in SW
a mountain giant prospector
Gromlok – Gromlock’s basher 30/85 2hb +3 str SK WAR
Krenlek – Skullhelm of Krenlek
Overseer Miklik – Gem encrusted circlet +1ac +6int NEC WIZ MAG ENC
common placeholder “a mountain giant hillock”

Burynai in NW
a burynai treasure seeker
a burynai grand cenobite – Belt of the Cenobite
Stonegrinder – Stone Thunder
Gem Eye – Gem Finder
Dustback – Dusty Breastplate
Eboneyes – Ebon Razor
common placeholder “a burynai miner”

Cycle Two:
Brutes in SE
Boogoog – Cracked Branch
a rabid brute – Helm of Brute Strength
a diseased brute – Rotwood Club
a berserk brute – Glowing Club
a mangy brute
common placeholder “a gorging brute”

misc. in SW
Miner Bordakin – giant – Skullchip Bracelet
Joojooga – brute – Gauntlets of Brute Strength
a goblin coward
a goblin scavenger
a sarnak bloodbinder
a sarnak rebel – Necklace of Defiance
Burynai Squad Leader – Rusty Mining Pick (heehee)
common placeholder “a mountain giant hillock

Sarnaks in NW
a sarnak assassin – Wind Runed Dagger
a sarnak scavenger
a sarnak mystic
a sarnak seer
a sarnak warlord – Ring of Dominance
Clazxiss – Windetched staff 3/20 1hb +20mana Effect-careless lightning RNG DRU
Slithinis – Slithinis’s Shield
Varithx – Sleeves of the Ancients
Draketamer – Scale hide whip 8/22 1hs RNG WAR
Bloodscale the Vicious – splattered veil +4ac +5str RNG PAL SK
common placeholder “a sarnak dragoon”

Killing a MoB from a cycle in SE makes one spawn in SW, killing that one makes one spawn in NW, killing the NW one makes one spawn in SE. (thus the cycle

All giants and brutes and sarnaks are rumored to have rare drops. I have just listed drops if I have personally looted them.

SE corner – a 30 to 40 group or even a 30 to 35 group if well balanced. Tracker is a MUST. Position this group near the Dreadlands tunnel and have the tracker SOWed, lev’d and pulling to you. Rangers preferred as tracker here but druid or bard will work.

SW corner – higher end group – camp on the south wall near -3300, +2000 or -3300, +1500. On the wall near those spots you can find a place where not much will aggro your group. Make this group the higher group, consisting preferably of level 35 to 45 or even higher people. A couple of the SW corner spawns are blue into the low 50s and can have a ton of HP so higher is better here. Tracker here can be any of the tracking classes.

NW corner – ranger is a must for this corner. All that you need here is a ranger and one other, say an SK. Higher levels are better. If you get one of the nasties, just yell in guildchat that you are bringing Bloodscale (or whoever) down to the SW corner group and pull him in for the kill.

Each group leader is responsible for telling, in guildchat (or via tells if not in same guild), when their group has complete a mob and what mob it is. That way, when the SW group kills a particular giant, the NW group knows which list is about to pop and that they need to look right then for the new mob.

If your trackers are good and you don’t get distracted killing non-cycle mobs, you can run a cycle in about 5 minutes tops. Figure a dozen cyles per hour, go for 3 hours, and you can haul some nice items out of Frontier Mountains.
Cycle 1 is easy to get started. Just kill the rare in the SE corner or ANY “a gorging brute”, then run to the SW corner. Chances are that the SW corner will have popped a rare…then onward to the NW etc. I got my sleeves the second time I ran the cycle. Varithyx is very easy, Claxiss is a tough one. I killed him but only after he got to about 20% from gobbies.

Biggest problem I keep having is getting aggroed by random mobs…tons of monsters in the mountains there. If you get aggroed, you can root and easily run out of their aggro range usually. Keep SOW up always and Levitate if possible, very helpful in the mountains.

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