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AC Augments by Level

by on Dec.21, 2009, under Equipment

In my opinion there’s no point in starting before level 55, mainly because they just aren’t very many half-way decent AC augs before that level.  In fact, many people would say that there’s little point starting on a set until you are level 70, and even then skipping slots that will be filled by better augs at higher levels.  All of the tank class boards can recommend the latest sets for max level, and these threads are likely to include some strong suggestions for older levels, although these aren’t likely to include newer hot zone drops.  I’m going to ignore raid augs, as most people in that situation will be heading for the level 85 set from the class boards ASAP, and won’t be interested in this sort of information.

These augs should all be soloable/duoable at the suggested levels, although a couple are given at their recommended level and would need help to get at that level.  For a more complete list see, for example: AUGS: AC and shielding/avoidance.

Slots that can be aug’ed:

Ear x 2
Wrists x 2
Hands – will plan for Jonas Dagmire’s Skeletal Hand (15), but there are better AC augs for this slot
Fingers x 2
Primary – tanks will reserve this for aggro (1H – Jade of the Ether, Enraging Blow, Chaotic Strike, etc) or damage (2H) augs; Life Sap for other melee.
Secondary – probably reserved for Bayle’s Heraldic Crest (32)

Body slots are seven: chest, arms, legs, head, face, hands, feet.

Non-weapon slots are fourteen and exclude primary/secondary/range.

The slots that are hard to fill are the JC slots (wrist, ear, finger, neck), and charm, although the Shadowy Student (at 75+) can solve most of these with 15 AC.

All of the hot zone augs can fit into all of the non-weapon slots – with the minor exception of the CT aug, which also can fit into the range slot.  The better of these should go in the ear and finger slots.

I don’t recommend getting the DoN augs, although I have listed some of them below; there are better things (weapon augs) to spend your crystals on.

Charm augments

Adventurer’s Stone: max at 10 ac. (LDoN)
Intricate Wooden Figurine 20/25, depending on class. (PoP flagging)
Wanderlust Guild Lodestone 12 (TSS quest)
Slipgear’s Gem 10 (DoD quest)
Gold Plated Spiked Gear ranges from 0 – 20 from Dragons, Dragons, Dragons event

It’s probably best to just get the Slipgear’s Gem at level 5, using a rogue shroud and some buffs, if you can’t get the PoP flagging aug (which could be a problem these days).

Level 55

Shard of Increasing Power (Plane of Innovation 10), Corrupted Peridot Amulet (Nadox 10), Heart of the Sky (Acrylia Caverns 10), Sanity Shard (Grieg’s End 14).

Face – Sanity Shard (14)
Charm – Slipgear’s Gem (10)

Plus the other three can go more or less anywhere – Shard of Increasing Power  (10), Corrupted Peridot Amulet (10), Heart of the Sky (10).

Level 60

Cracked Gem of Lucidity (Nobles Causeway 10), Stone of Greatness (Cazic-Thule 10),  Shard of Expanding Power (Crypt of Decay 15).
Ancient Dragon Scale 10 (180 radiant crystals) head arms hands feet, non-lore.

Ears – Gali Vertebra (20) – if you can get it
Fingers x 2 – Shard of Expanding Power (15)
Range – Stone of Greatness (10)

And fill any slot with Cracked Gem of Lucidity (10).

Level 65

Crest of Valor (Halls of Honor 10), Petrified Bladefin Eye (Sunderrock Springs 18).

Recovered War Dragon Egg 14 (165 radiant crystals) range
Waist – Polished Caracite (20) – if you can get it
Fingers x 2 – Petrified Bladefin Eye (18)

Add anywhere: Crest of Valor (10).

Level 70

Pyrilen Riftseeker/Flameshield Stone (RSS 25 x4 wrist chest legs)
Girplan Shardtender/Ore of Stone Strength (RSS 20 x4 head arms hands feet)
Dungore/Polished Caracite (Dragonscale Hills 20 body slots + shoulders, back, waist)
Blind Hunter Rekamu/Ground Murkglider Eyes (MPG 20)
Fabled Fire Idol (25 Mon Lethalis 7 body slots)

Ear x 2 – Ground Murkglider Eyes (20)
Head – Ore of Stone Strength (20)/Fabled Fire Idol (25)
Chest – Flameshield Stone (25)
Arms – Ore of Stone Strength (20)
Wrists x 2 – Flameshield Stone x2 (25)
Legs – Flameshield Stone (25)
Hands – Ore of Stone Strength (20)
Feet – Ore of Stone Strength (20)

Level 75

Experimental Device (Thalassius 22)
Gali Vertebra (Buried Sea 20 non-weapon slots)
Shard of True Power (Dreadspire Keep 10)

Hands – Jonas Dagmire’s Skeletal Hand (15)
Shoulders – Experimental Device (22)
Secondary – Bayle’s Heraldic Crest (32)

Level 80

Fragment of Heavy Steamwork Plating (30 Mechamatic Guardian, non-weapon slots)
Coleoptera Mechanical Beetle Eye (30 Mechamatic Guardian, body slots + shoulders, back, waist)
Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus 25 (SoF quest)

End Result

Ear x 2 – Ground Murkglider Eyes (20)/Gali Vertebra (20)
Head – Ore of Stone Strength (20) or Fabled Fire Idol (25)
Face – Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus (25) or Sanity Shard (14)
Chest – Flameshield Stone (25)
Arms – Ore of Stone Strength (20)
Waist – Polished Caracite (20)
Wrists x 2 – Flameshield Stone x2 (25)
Legs – Flameshield Stone (25)
Hands – Jonas Dagmire’s Skeletal Hand (15) or Ore of Stone Strength (20)
Charm – Slipgear’s Gem (10)
Feet – Ore of Stone Strength (20)
Neck – Fragment of Heavy Steamwork Plating (30)
Back – Coleoptera Mechanical Beetle Eye (30)
Shoulders – Experimental Device (22)
Fingers x 2 – Shard of Expanding Power (15)/Petrified Bladefin Eye (18)
Range – Recovered War Dragon Egg (14)/Stone of Greatness (10)
Secondary – Bayle’s Heraldic Crest (32)

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  • Joe

    I really like your ideas. Only thing is I noticed Jewel of the Stalwart was not listed. Great 30 AC aug. Why was it not listed?

  • paul

    Thanks; I probably thought at the time (2009) it was too hard to get. However, Jewel of the Stalwart is pretty good, and should be one-groupable with 80+. Fits in visible, non-visible and jewellery slots – including secondary and primary, just not charm.

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