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Guide to Escape to Norrath

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Escape to Norrath – the Everquest Players Guide

People who don’t have a current subscription to Everquest can get a 14 day trial, called Escape to Norrath. It hasn’t always been 14 days, sometimes it may have been a month, and at others it may have been unlimited. Each Station account without an Everquest subscription can take this trial once.

It was taken from Everquest sometime around the Dragons of Norrath era; at least, that’s the start up screen and patcher it uses, although some other aspects are obviously from Depths of Darkhollow. There are only a few potions (Divine and Celestial Healing I and II), no mercenaries, no out-of-combat regeneration, nor buff timers in the buff icons, and pets vanish when you have camped or been disconnected for more than 15 minutes (but at least they don’t die when you invis). With low meditate skills, sitting to med to full can easily take 5-10 minutes, and it’s actually worthwhile making a Bind Wounds hot key (you can bandage up to 70%!). There are also no guild masters, so you can’t spend training points, which actually makes it tougher than ‘real’ Everquest.


First of all, a little secret: if you have a current EQ account, you can access EtN. Your first step, of course, is to install it – in a separate directory from your normal Everquest folders. You can download it from the EtN web site, or via Station Launcher, but you will want to create a new Station user without Everquest for it to let you. One thing about EtN is that it’s small; my installation is 305 Mb.

and… Installation Problems

Make sure that the shortcut is pointing to EscapeToNorrath.exe NOT Everquest.exe (the installer sets it to Everquest.exe – duh!). If you have problems with the display window size, edit eqclient.ini, look at the [VideoMode] section near the end. Otherwise, it’s liable to the same installation procedures as full Everquest – you will need to have DX9c installed, may need to jump through some hoops to get multi-core CPUs to work properly, and Vista/Windows 7 have some special considerations.

Character Creation

Once you get past the old style log in, you’ll want to create a character. You also get the older Character Select screen, the one you can roam around in (press the Explore button). Again, this is the older creation menu, where you have to allocate points – and please don’t forget to do this. You have a choice from 15 races (including Vah Shir and Froglok but excluding Drakkin) and 16 classes (yes, including Berserker). Frogloks get the evil choices for class, not just the original good ones. Points allocation follows the good old rules: make sure that you have at least 75 in agility, and charisma matters – and spare points should probably go into stamina, as you won’t be maxing out stats in this game. Give casters intelligence, priests wisdom, and everyone else strength and stamina. The automatic name generator is the one that never (ok, very rarely) finds an unused name, so be prepared with original names!

There’s a high chance that you’ll hit the messages about “That zone is unavailable” and “Your personalized tutorial zone is still loading. Please click on Enter World again in a few seconds”; just keep trying – it will take some time!

You zone in (eventually) to the main zone at level 1 with two tasks: “Basic Training” and “Rally with Rahtiz”. And a messed up screen – Bandolier in the middle, Blocked Spells, Blocked Pet Spells and Auras visible, and the quest dialog box up telling you about these two tasks. Close the redundant windows, and start the tasks.

Your inventory contains the usual bread cakes, skin of milk (both x20), Gloomingdeep Lantern, Bandages (x20), Backpack and guild note (of no use to you). Your bank has another Backpack, a Small Gold Token – and has 24 slots, plus the two shared slots. You can equip the backpack and sell the coin (worth 1g9s) straight away – they aren’t needed for any quests.

What To Do?

Start by completing “Basic Training” (I give details of all tasks below).

In the main cave, you can also hail Poxan to be told to fetch his sword (Poxan’s Sword, 1HS 4/28); he returns you a Kobold Leather Mask (AC 2). Frizznik can give you the rat steaks task, too – but ignore what he says about right click to eat and increase your strength; you can’t sell them, but they are free food and add 5 HP.

You then want to do “Rally With Rahtiz” (one of your two starter tasks), “Cleaing the Vermin Nests”, then “Spider Caves”, followed by “Arachnida” (see below).

Details: press ‘q’ to auto-attack. Scribe in your spell book any spell that Rytan gave you, and check the spell vendors for any other spells that you can use; you may also find some on the vendor (Wijdann). You create a hot button by pressing ctrl-o, right clicking on a blank button, giving it a name, then Accepting it; you can put it on your hot keys bar by left-click and hold on the button, then click on a blank space in the bar.

At this stage, hailing Rahtiz again will offer you two tasks: “Rebellion Reloaded”, and “Arachnida”. Take both. You can also take two tasks from Guard Vyrinn (next to Rahtiz): “Spider Tamer Gugan” and “Spider Caves”; again, take them both, although they are significantly higher level. Vyrinn also gives “Arachnophobia (Group)”, but you need to be level 4+ to see it. Finish Spider Caves and Arachnida.

At this stage you should be level 4-5, and have a full set of Stitched Burlap, and you can move on to the kobold area. Save Gugan and Arachnophobia for later, and check out the guards leading to the kobold mine: Guard Hobart and Guard Maddoc. You can get tasks from Hobart at level 4, and Maddoc at level 6; save Hobart’s group task to last. If you don’t already have a full set of Stitched Burlap, either collect more silk for Vahlara, or buy some from Wujdann.

Start with the first kills for Battle of Gloomingdeep; you will need to be level 7/8 or in a group to finish this, so start with the easy ones around the pit. Work your way to Dig Site 2, which is where you will find Zajeer and Kaikachi with some more tasks for you. Take them all.

If you can invis or are a race (like ogre) that has good kobold faction (just con them – target a kobold and press ‘c’; so long as it doesn’t include “scowls” or “glares”, you can move around in complete safety), you can easily complete “Scouting Gloomingdeep”, “Sabotage” and “Busted Locks”. If not, you need to level up first.

You will want to get to level 7 or 8, depending of class and friends, before completing any more tasks. Just kill anything that is dark blue or higher – spiders, lurkers, warriors, grunts, diseased rats, and goblin slaves.

It is probably easiest to finish “Goblin treachery”, then “Spider Tamer Gugan”, then “Arachnophobia”, then “Kobold Leadership” – and if you can do that, you will have finished “Sabotage” and “Scouting Gloomingdeep” as well.

Grind some more by killing until you are level 9 or 10. At this point you should be able to complete solo “Freedom’s Stand”, “Flutterwing’s Dilemma”, and “Pit Fiend”.

And after all that? Try seeing how high you can level. There will come a point where even Krenshin doesn’t give you any more experience.

Gearing Up

You need gear to build up your character to handle tougher mobs, not just levels. Start by getting the Kobold Skull Charm from the initail quest (Basic Training). Then you should get a set of Stitched Burlap, which looks like leather when equipped. You get chest, legs and arms from completing some of the tasks (“Spider Caves”, “Cleaning the Vermin Nests” and “Basic Training”); the rest come either from handing in Gloomingdeep Silk to Vahlara, or buying back ones that other players have sold to the merchant, Wijdann. Which means that starting with the spider cave quests is a good idea.

You can get bags, a bow, and arrows from opening barrels, so make that /open hot key. Melee can get a haste item for range (Spiritweaver Voodoo Doll; only 5% haste, or Kobold Quicksteel Orb from Slavemaster Ruga and Overlord Grikan – 10%) dropping from named mobs, and casters can get a Mana Preservation item (Spiritweaver Nexus). Tip: Rufus can also drop the two main range items.

Your next step will be to upgrade your visible armor. Some of the tasks (“Freedom’s Stand” and “Battle of Gloomingdeep”) give chest and leg items appropriate to your class – plate, chain, leather or silk.

Other visible armor items drop from random kobolds, more frequently from named mobs.

For weapons, you will get your first upgrade during “Basic Training”. After that, you need to find a Chunk of Bronze (random from mobs) and/or a Chunk of Iron (same) to hand in to Absor in return for a better weapon. After that, weapon upgrade drop from named mobs – Ruga and Overlord Gnikan.


There’s not much you might want to buy – spells, potions, and just possibly Stitched Burlap early on. The answer is easy – open barrels. The Forlorn bows that drop sell for more than a platinum, and the staffs that drop from Spiritweavers sell for over 4pp (with high charisma!).

Basic Training

Hail Arias and Learn About the Find Path
Hail Absor and Learn About Weapons
Hail Vahlara and Learn About Armor
Hail Xenaida and Learn About Maps
Hail Rytan and Learn About Spells
Hail Prathun and Learn About Communication
Hail Arias to let him know you have completed your training

This is pretty much self-explanatory – but remember to “/say others” to Vahlara, people seem to misread this step; she gives you some Stitched Burlap Sleeves. Remember that saying “bless” to Rytan will rebuff you at any time (every 26+ minutes – timers don’t show on buffs in this version). On completion, ding level 2 and get the Kobold Skull Charm.

Rally with Rahtiz

Speak with Guard Rahtiz

This is just a task to get you to talk to him. When you do, he offers you “Cleaning the Vermin Nests”.

Cleaning the Vermin Nests (Guard Rahtiz)

Kill 8 Cave Rats
Kill 4 Cave Bats
Destroy 4 Vermin Nests
Speak with Vahlara in the slave revolt camp
(Opt) Speak with Wijdann to sell your loot

This can all be done in the first, non-aggro, section of the tunnels and first chamber. Bats are level 1, rats level 2. Destroy the nests by creating a /open hot key and using it; remember to loot the nests and use or sell the contents. While doing this, you should also look for and look the barrels and piles of bones. When the task is complete, Vahlara should give you some Stitched Burlap Pants; and ding level 3.

Rebellion Reloaded (Guard Rahtiz)

Deliver 1 Class 1 Wood point arrow to Guard Rahtiz

If you have been looting barrels, you should have (at least) one of these, so give it to him. You get a quiver and 9 gold, plus some experience (more than for some of the earlier quests). Sell the quiver for 1p4g2s9c. Remember that the bows from the barrels are also worth more than 1pp.

Arachnida (Guard Rahtiz)

Kill 12 Gloom Spiders
Kill 4 Gloomfang Lurkers
Return to Guard Rahtiz with News of Your Success

Carry on into the spider cave – directly south from where you were before. Kill spiderlings (level 2) as well, to collect the Gloomingdeep silk needed for armor from Vahlara; they also seem to count as spider kills for the task. While killing, you should find a Chunk of Bronze – hand this to Absor for a weapon upgrade. Try to complete the spiders (level 3) and get some armor before moving on to the lurkers (level 4). Again, you should reach level 4 while doing this, and then level 5 on hand in. Another weapon upgrade, from a Chunk of Iron, is a possibility while doing this. Reward is some experience and 1p7g.

Spider Caves (Guard Vyrinn)

Gather 4 pieces of spiderling cocoon silk
Deliver the silk pieces to Vahlara in the slave revolt camp

Combine this with the next task – you need to /open the cocoons to collect these. Your reward will be a Stitched Burlap Shirt.

Spider Tamer Gugan (Vyrinn)

Find the Anti-Venom Violet
Deliver the violet to Vyrinn

Gloomingdeep Violet drops from Gugan, who is level 6. Approx 20% exp at level 7.

Arachnophobia (Vyrinn)

Kill Queen Gloomfang
Speak with Guard Hobart to receive your reward

Probably need to be level 4 to request this, and the queen is 7. Reward is 5 Celestial Healing potions, some exp. There can be a chest to open next to the Queen.

The Battle of Gloomingdeep (Hobart)

Kill 5 Gloomingdeep Grunts
Kill 10 Gloomingdeep Warriors
Kill 5 Gloomingdeep Slave Wardens
Kill 1 Gloomingdeep Spiritweaver
Speak with Guard Hobart to receive your reward

Work on this one first, at least until you level and can get tasks from Maddoc. Spiritweavers are level 6. The reward, eventually, will be a pair of class specific leggings.

While killing around the mine, you can work your way towards what is marked on the map as Dig Site 2. East of there is a pool with two more revolt members with a mission: Revolt Scout Kaikachi and Revolt Scout Zajeer. You can also swim underwater from here back to the main revolt camp.

Freedom’s Stand (Group) (Hobart)

Kill Overlord Gnikan
Speak with Guard Hobart to receive your reward

The Overlord is level 9; your reward will be the class appropriate chest item; he can drop random armor, weapons, or range item. You should be able to get Gnikan with just one add, from the side room, if you fight him at his spawn point; it will be much harder if that is a spiritweaver, so try to kill it first. The two others in his building can add, and a spiritweaver in the other side room will heal him, so best to take that out first. There can be chest to open next to him.

Scouting Gloomingdeep (Zajeer)

Go east down dis tunnel until you gets to Dig Site Two
Head south until ya spys da main pit Dig Site One
Follow da eastern wall along da rim o’the pit, den enter da next tunnel ya cross
Contine goin’ east, den take da first left into da north facing tunnel
Report back to Revolt Scout Zajeer with news of your reconaissance

If you can invis, this one is easy; or if you have ok faction – I was surprised to find that an agnostic ogre did. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight various Gloomingdeep Captains (level 6) along the way. Combine this with sabotage. 30% of a level for completion.

Sabotage (Zajeer)

Set the makeshift lantern bomb in the kobold supply crate

You are given the bomb when you take the task, so defer this until you do scouting if you are short of inventory space. Give the bomb to the crate just as if it were an NPC, then watch the effects. This gave about 60% of a level.

Goblin Treachery (Kaikachi)

Kill 10 Goblin Slaves
Kill Rookfynn, the Goblin Shaman
Hail Scout Kaikachi with news of your success

Level 5 goblins and the named is level 7. Killing slaves reduces your faction with the kobolds. Reward is a Potion of Invisibility and some exp (20% at level 9).

Busted Locks (Kaikachi)

Infiltrate the Gloomingdeep Jail
Find the locksmith’s master key
Deliver the key to Revolt Scout Kaikachi

The key is in a chest in Slavemaster Ruga’s room, and drops from the Gloomingdeep Locksmith. You don’t need to kill anything to collect it, so long as you are free of aggro to loot the chest. Gives you about 30% of a level.

Flutterwing’s Dilemma (Rashere)

Find Flutterwings’s unhatched sibling
Deliver the egg to Flutterwing

There should be three eggs when you kill Slavemaster Ruga (in the jail). Reward is probably about 50% of a level. When you pull Ruga, his two guards will spawn, and will attack you if you don’t pull him far enough away. The simplest approach is to kill the warrior at either side, then pull Ruga to that spot. I have also seen people pull Ruga to the jail cells next to him.

Saving from Slavery

Escort the slave back to Arias

You get the quest from the various (non-goblin) slaves in the jail area. Reward should be a chunk of iron (for Absor weapon hand-in).

Kobold Leadership (Maddoc)

Kill 4 Gloomingdeep Captains

Pit Fiend (Group)

Destroy the demon lurking in the central mining shaft

Probably need to be level 8 to get this task. You need to go to the bottom of the pit, and kill Krenshin, a bazu type mob; level 12. He can drop a range item (there are three possible).

Other Rare Named Mobs

Rufus – grey rat, level 3. Drops range items; PH cave rats.
Sliver – kobold
Selandoor – kobold, probably level 8; drops
Brokenclaw – kobold; level 8.
Ratasaurus; up to level 7; PH is diseased rats.


Casters can’t buy Gate. Berserkers can’t learn their Tome of Corroded Axe, and there’s nowhere to buy axe components. No Throw Stone, either. No fire beetle eyes (for druid Flame Lick, etc). Gloomingdeep counts as indoors, so Camouflage, Harmony and Spirit of Wolf don’t work.

After camping, you alwasy return to your spawn spot in front of Arias.

Useful Customisations

Use the Options panel (alt-o) to turn off – auto-duck and, if you prefer, turn off show helm.
“/assist off” to disable auto-attack on /assist.
Rebind attack key from q to something better (I like num pad 0); again, in the Options panel.
Put forage/track on movement key binding.
Hot keys for bind wound and open.
F11 to show the lag meter.

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