(N)EverQuest Scrolls

Necromancer Research Only Spells

by on Feb.23, 2003, under Spells & Abilities

Level 16
(Banshee Aura – Derivation, Eradication – SK)
Hungry Earth – Material, Spirit

Level 20
Harm Shield – Absorption, Refuge

Level 24
Haunting Corpse – Allure, Detachment, Possession
Intensify Death – Absorption, Recluse, Sentient(beza)

Level 29
Renew Bones – Acquisition(azia), Incorporeal, Purification
(Vampiric Curse – Dissemination, Parasitism, Possession – in PoK/SK)

Level 34
Call of Bones – Endurance, Motion, Neglect
Invoke Shadow – Dark Paths, Haunting, Suffering
Surge of Enfeeblement – Abatement, Cazic-Thule, Efficacy

Level 39
(Malignant Dead – Bidding, Collection(beza), Suffering – in Pok/SK)

Level 44
(Cackling Bones – Collection(caza), Obligation – in PoK/SK)
Dead Man Floating – Burnishing, Psyche

Level 49
Bond of Death – Grappling, Odus
Invoke Death – Acquisition(beza), Requisition
Lich – Ethereal
Paralyzing Earth – Cryptic Force


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