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Underfoot and Everquest 2

by on May.19, 2010, under Everquest II, Uncategorized

I’ve been largely away from Everquest for the past couple of months. This was triggered by being suddenly very busy with work, partly from a combination of customers, and partly from the iPad launch bringing projects together all with the same deadline.

The other factor has been the impact of Underfoot. Reading posts pre-launch on the SOE Veteran’s Forum, it was obviously going to be a train wreck, with so many “influential” posters, including members of the Community Leaders programme, demanding a “hard” expansion. Which is exactly what we got, with an unsurprising fall in population caused by the vast majority of players having nothing to do in the new expansion. Smaller populations means guild deaths, which means no groups, which means no way of working on progression, which is unfeasible for normal players (the 90% who are not raiding current content). So my mage is in his third year of finding TBS elementals the optimum exp grind spot, and that was beyond boring two years ago already.

I’ve recently spent some time reviewing Everquest 2 (no relation) newbie spots; I’ll discuss that in another post.

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