(N)EverQuest Scrolls

Necromancer Drop Spells

by on Feb.05, 2003, under Spells & Abilities

Chilling Embrace (39): Velious
Summon Corpse (39): The Ishva Mal and guards, Splitpaw
Corpal Empathy (44): Velious
Incinerate Bones (44):Battle Master Ska’Tu, Chardok
Dead Men Floating (49): Inspecter Nib’izi, Chardok
Improved Invisibility to Undead (50): Velious, PoG
Sacrifice (51): turn in reward
Splurt (51): Kunark drop (turn in)
Defoliation (52): Kunark drop (turn in)
Degeneration (52): Luclin
Scent of Terris (52): turn in reward
Convergence (53): Kunark drop (turn in)
Minion of Shadows (53): turn in reward
Shadowbond (54): turn in reward
Succession of Shadows (54): Luclin
Thrall of Bones (54): Kunark drop (turn in)
Augmentation of Death (55): Velious, PoG
Chill Bones (55): Kunark
Conglacian of Bones (55): Velious
Infusion (55): Kunark
Levant (55): Kunark
Crippling Cessation (56): Luclin
Demi-Lich (56): Kunark
Sedulous Subversion (56): Kunark
Servent of Bones (56): Kunark
Conjure Corpse (57): Kunark
Mind Wrack (58): Luclin
Quivering Vail of Xarn (58): Kunark
Devouring Darkness (59): Kunark
Emissary of Thule (59): Kunark
Arch-Lich (60): Velious
Banishment of Shadows (60): Kunark
Enslave Death (60): Kunark
Funeral Pyre of Kelador (60): Luclin
Gangrenous Touch of Zum’uul: Advisor Zum’uul, Chardok
Trucidation (60): Kunark
Zevfear’s Theft of Vitae (60): Luclin
Ancient: Lifebane (60): Vex Thal?
Ancient: Master of Death (60): Diabo Xi Va Temariel,Thall Va Kelun ,Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra, Vex Thal


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