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Enchanter Guide for Leveling in Dawnshroud Peaks

by on Mar.30, 2003, under Leveling

This worked for me from level 33 to 35, but should scale down well to at least 29. I came here when experience from Bloodmaw in Great Divide began to slow down, and I was bored. Experience will slow down as you hit 35, as a significant fraction of the mobs involved (shroom and lightcrawlers) start to turn light blue.

Charm soloing works best when higher level mobs with high hit points or damage per second and low magic resistance are found close to lower level mobs with relatively low hit points. Then a single charmed pet can work its way through several mobs without a break. Dawnshroud is a good zone for this, as it has a very wide range of mob levels, from the rockhoppers and stonegrabbers down to the shroom and lightcrawlers. For my approach, you want to kill lightcrawlers and shroom using a charmed zelniak; the level of zelniak you charm will depend mostly on your level.

You should ideally have a blue ceramic band and either SoW potions or JBoots. KEI isn’t really necessary; it just means that you can do the entire process without ever needing to med. I can run with just clarity perfectly fine, keeping myself at around 50% mana.

The best place for this camp is outside the Sanctus Seru entrance. Zone in from Netherbian Lair, turn right, and run around to the next zone exit, which is Sanctus Seru. Stay high up on the wall for several reasons: avoiding wolves and lightcrawlers, which will aggro on you; and avoiding the one shroom ring just before Sanctus Seru. Shroom have a large aggro range, and will attack you regardless of your level.

Sit at the Sanctus Seru entrance facing out into the zone. To your left is the ring of three shroom. To your right is an area with lots of lightcrawlers, and beyond it a couple of merchants and the lightcrawler armor quest giver, Kanthuk Ogrebane. Straight out into the zone are a ton of wolf traps, a few lightcrawlers, and lost of different zelniaks.

Buff up with your usual shields, charisma buff, clarity, resist magic and rune. You will want to have either Spirit of Wolf potions or Jboots for this (and for any other outdoors charming). Then cast invisibility on yourself, and run straight out towards the centre of the zone. You are looking for a dark blue or even con zelniak to charm, standing clear of any wolves or lightcrawlers. Other zelniaks will not aggro. Depending on your level, this could be a zelniak or large zelniak. When you find one, stop and cast mez (level 4) on it; resists are unlikely. Then tash it, and re-invis yourself, and start to run back to the zone. The object of this exercise is to aggro the zelniak without running the risk of collecting a train of wolves and lightcrawlers. Back at the Sanctus Seru zone line, stop and wait for your pet to arrive; recast mez, tash and charm. The guards will ignore you, and certainly will not protects you. Dark elf enchanters may run the risk of being attacked by the guards, I don’t know.

I don’t bother to haste my pet; he’s going to kill without any great loss of hit points without any assistance from me. This applies for large zelniaks; if you use a plain zelniak, for instance at a lower level, try using haste.

Make your pet wait out a little from the zone, I like to stand just in front of the guards with my pet guarding just inside maximum casting range. If the shroom ring to the left isn’t camped, bring your pet close to this and pull a shroom. If you send the pet in to the shroom ring to fight, very likely all three shroom will aggro, which isn’t necessary. I always pull here with slow, run back until the spell gems refresh, send the pet in to attack, and stop and cast root, then tash. Then finally cast Shallow Breath (level 1 dot) on the shroom to get maximum experience. If you have a zelniak rather than a large zelniak, you may need to assist your pet with a couple of nukes, but a large zelniak should be perfectly capable of running through all three shroom and the entire lightcrawler camp without any need of assistance.

Once you have killed the shroom, they will respawn in about 12 mins (I think), so go back to your parking spot in front of Sanctus Seru and pull lightcrawlers. I use the same technique, pull with slow, send in pet, root, tash and dot. The lightcrawlers can blind you; resist magic should help with that, but you should never have a lightcrawler in melee range for this to happen – and that should only be possibly on a simultaneous charm and root break, or if one spawns on top of you while pulling.

Loot both shroom and lightcrawlers. Ignore the no drop shroom items, and ignore cracked lightcrawler shells; everything else is valuable. The shrooms sell for between 2 and 4 pp at the nearby merchants, and the lightcrawler shells and legs can be traded in two matching shells at a time inside Sanctus Seru for lightcrawler armor, which is good armor for short race melee classes – sell it in the Bazaar.

If you get through all of the shroom and lightcrawlers, there should also be a few zelniaks and small zelniaks that are worth hunting that come close to Sanctus Seru. If you have a large zelniak charmed, you should be able to take out wolves one at a time, giving your pet some assistance.

Most charms lasted me longer than tashani did, with a few breaks just after recharming. Mez was only ever resisted a few times, and then only on charm breaks. If you stand well back from pet, you should be able to remez; if that fails, the zone line is just a few steps away. Doing this I was getting from 5 – 10% experience on every charm, roughly a yellow in 40 minutes at 33 and 34, including rest breaks and meditation.

One option to carry on from here into higher levels and stay in Dawnshroud would be to try for the 6 shroom spawn points to the left of the Netherbian zone; two (sometimes three) just by the entrance, three more just over the hill, then one more just past the rockhopper caves. There are a few problems with these: the first is that this corner is frequently trained by ignorant people, either with the shroom you are killing or with rockhoppers or even wolves. The next is that the rockhopper caves you need to pass are much higher level and will aggro if you get close; and finally, the spawn rate can be slow with only six or seven mobs to kill. The single shroom spawn can sometimes spawn a named shroom (usually Fungus Shroom, with capitals, I believe). This is mid to high 30s, is usually a caster, sometimes a druid and sometimes a ranger. Expect to be rooted, dotted, or nuked for 440.

You can also camp outside the shroom farm ( a big building near the Greig’s End zone), and use proximity aggro to pull shroom, as well as kill wandering tribals and zelniaks.


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