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by on May.09, 2012, under Hints & Tips, Spells & Abilities

There are a few options that can only be changed inside eqclient.ini, and a few of those are actually useful. (continue reading…)

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Items of Value from Old Expansions

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Taken from this thread, post by Survey_. Irreplaceable items from older expansions, not including quest rewards: (continue reading…)

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Useful Arrows

by on Apr.10, 2012, under Equipment, Tradeskill

The basis of all fletching comes from Fletching Guide by Aoenla, which is old, but still valid today. (continue reading…)

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The Mines of Gloomingdeep – the Everquest Players Guide

by on Mar.19, 2012, under Hints & Tips, Leveling

Updated for the new version with the release of Free To Play. (continue reading…)

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Everquest Free to Play

by on Feb.26, 2012, under Hints & Tips, Leveling

Everquest will launch as F2P on March 16, 2012. There will be some changes made to the game in support of this change, as well as special rules that apply to free accounts. See the SOE FAQ for details. (continue reading…)

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SOE Status: iPhone app for monitoring game servers

by on Sep.14, 2011, under Hints & Tips

SOE Status is in the App Store now (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/soestatus/id463597867?mt=8). Link is to the UK store, US store link is: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/soestatus/id463597867?mt=8

This takes the data from the new SOE status page at http://www.soe.com/status/ and displays it on your phone; you can select data for a single game and refresh that display if you wish.

It runs on iPad as well as iPhone – it probably won’t run on iPhones using OSes older than 4.1. Now that it’s shown up in the store, there’s a couple of minor tweaks I will make and resubmit. Any suggestions or bug reports are welcome.

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Enchanter AAs

by on May.01, 2011, under Spells & Abilities, Spells & Abilities

From a  post on EQLive by Blurred_Memories:


My priority AA routine is like this:

First – Get anything that will help me live longer. Rationale? You can’t do (expletive deleted) if you are dead.

Second – Get anything that directly or indirectly grants a power that is unique, awesome, and / or abusable like beguiler’s directed banishment, enhanced forgetfulness, fog of memories etc.

Third – Get anything that helps reinforce the likelihood or strength of your most used or necessary spells.

Fourth (or as needed) – mana regen. yes i know mana total will get you on leaderboards but i’d gladly give up 3/4 of my mana bar for double my current mana regen.

Lastly – convenience aa’s like perma lev or mass group buff etc.

*and as a rule, passives before clicks.


I highly recommend combat agility, combat stability, natural durability, shield block if you use a shield, and general sturdiness. All of these are passive aa’s and either give you more hit points or keep the ones you already have from disappearing as fast.

Veil of Mindshadow, Hastened Veil of Mindshadow:
keep this buffed below all your other runes since it takes longer to refresh it.

Friendly stasis:
since self stasis lasts its full duration whether you need it to or not, I made this social so i could use Friendly stasis like a slower bard fade:

line1 /tar blurred
line2 /pause 1
line3 /alt activate 8702
line4 /alt activate 8702

the pause is necessary or you end up casting on your previous target. now click off friendly stasis and go back to (expletive deleted) things off.

Mind Over Matter / Mana Draw:
These two work great in combination for when your healer is dead and you are taking massive ae damage, or accidentally tanking.

Utility AA’s:
good passives to have are:

Mezmerization Mastery: this allows permanent lock down of an infinite number of mobs with the blue gem ae mez.

Earthen Allure, Dreamlike Allure: anything that helps lessen the chance of mez resisting should always be considered.

Quick Buff: This i got primarily so rebuffing runes would be faster, but it also is beneficial for rebuffing battle rezzed allies.

Auroria Mastery, Total Domination, Spell Casting mastery,

Clicky aa’s:

Bite of Tashani, Dreary Deeds

2nd spire of enchantment, 3rd spire of enchantment.

Whenever you go to use one of your spires, please announce it in the chanter channel which spire you are casting and on who before you actually cast it. If two chanters notice same cleric needs mana we do not want to waste a spire by tagging the same person in the same 10 seconds.


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Stein of Moggok

by on May.01, 2011, under Equipment, Progression, Quests

A guide to the quest for Progression players – valid for Fippy/Vulak.  Below is my outline; I will update it for faction details as required. (continue reading…)

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Cleric Melee Weapons – Level 71

by on Apr.28, 2011, under Equipment

From a thread on EQLive, posted by Mykalla; I updated the links and added mob names and proc rates.

Okay, so, boomsticks for a 71 cleric:

Time Lapse procs (750pt magic dd)

Wrapped Glass Shard – From DoN miniraid (Shogurei, Guardian of the Sands), soloable by a t4 geared SK, provided you’re not really under-AAed. Can’t take a merc in. Proc mod 0.

Void Mace – DoDH 70 spell mission (The Shattered Seeker), mercs usable in here. Proc mod 0.

Wand of Dark Waters – Ruins of Illsalin (A Forgotten Guardian), open zone so have at with mercs. Proc mod 0.

Illuminated Hammer – Yxtta, old raid mob (Primals), but it’s an open zone- I’d use the SK for it. Proc mod 0.

Hammer of Hours – Plane of Time, Terris-Thule. No merc, but your SK should be able to handle it. She’s a damned sight easier than Vallon Zek, too, who has a stupidly long stun and an FD, from a soloing perspective. Proc mod 0.

Conflagration procs (622 pt fire dd)

Wand of Magma – Tirranun’s Delve (Fire Goblin Scribe), easily doable. It’s not no-trade, but I doubt you’ll find one on the bazaar, since no one goes there. On the plus side, that means the mob might already be up. Proc mod 0.

Scepter of Forbidden Knowledge – Txevu (Ikaav Nysf Lleiv). Once again, technically a raid mob, but it’s a static zone, so you can merc in there. Proc mod 0.

Dustdevil proc (582 pt magic dd)

Aged Smoldering Cudgel – This weapon has a 188% procmod on it, so it will fire more often. Xygoz fears, so use your SK- easy solo for him, run through the zone, feign off aggro, solo Xygoz, and hopefully pick up an Aged Left Eye of Xygoz for the SK while you’re at it. Hardest thing about this mob for you will be finding Xygoz up, since people still go to get the ALEX. Proc mod1 188.

If, what you are, in fact, after, is a spam hammer (so called because they spam you with messages like crazy due to the increased procrate), I would try to hit the bazaar and look for:

Templar’s Censer – It’s from the brief Cazic-Thule revamp (Tae Ew Templar), but unlike the weapons from the entire Secrets of Faydwer expansion, which have no mod, it has a procrate modifier of 275%, if not quite as high as the standard spam hammer of 500% in modern times, and 530% on the PoP-to-TSS raid ones. It also has heroics. Proc mod1 275.

Marrowfall – Oceangreen Hills (Putrescent Bonelord), easy as pie for your SK to kill, if you can’t find one in the bazaar. Proc mod1 500.

The Time spam hammer from Vallon Zek (Hammer of Holy Vengeance, Hand of Retribution, 75 – 100 dd, proc mod1 530) would probably be a fairly sucky solo, as I said, due to the stun and FD, but that’s another one.

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SOE Community Leaders

by on Apr.16, 2011, under Hints & Tips

If you want to get in touch with any of the SOE Community Leaders, here’s a list including forum name, class and highlighting members of two top guilds that are over-represented in the programme. (continue reading…)

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